Friday, October 2, 2009

Holy Dim Sum!

Generally, I'm not big on Chinese cuisine due in part to its greasiness as well as its mystery. However, a couple days ago I got talked into going to this vegan dim sum place. I've never been to a dim sum place and really had no idea how it worked exactly but I was hungry and Spencer had actually made a decision about what he wanted for once. So off we went to New Harmony in China Town.

So there was this big menu and Spencer just named a bunch of different things off it that we would dine on. We first received a small bowl of crispy fried wanton wrappers with sweet and sour sauce. Yum. Then I got wonton soup which was quite tasty indeed, Spencer got hot sour soup or whatever. We finished our soup and an entourage of food reigned down upon our table. Cold peanut and sesame noodles, steamed pork and vegetable buns, General Tso's chicken, rice, sticky rice, pork dumplings, probably other stuff that I don't remember or even know the name of. All in all, this shit was goooood. They even gave us little fried bananas with our fortune cookies. A big thumbs up for this place. My friends Ashley and Jessica would be proud of my dim sum outing and I'll be sure to take them there when they come visit me. This is a great place for both vegans and omnivores alike.


  1. I really enjoy following your adventures and am curious about how you make the mix in eating styles work... so please keep us up on the experiences. With regard to the Dim Sum outing, was the pork actually some type of vegetable extract or do they serve vegan and regular cuisine at that restaurant?

  2. Everything there is vegan actually. Much like on their myspace page that asks forgiveness for not putting "mock" in front of all the meat dishes, I chose to do the same. Henceforth, I will add an asterisk to all things I name animal food that are not actually animal food. Example: General Tso's Chicken*