Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back...For Now

Long time no see folks.  What can I say, I have things to do!  Still been cooking but now it's a lot less frequently and a lot more simple.  Spencer and I have decided on "Sunday Dinner" rather than trying to eat well every night.  This sounds outrageous even to me, but I've got to say, not doing a kitchen full of dishes every day is pretty great.  In addition to cutting back on cooking, I'm going to be blogging in a slightly different way.  No longer are the days where I can be so clever and informative.  I'll write what I can, give some explanations and special ingredients, but no more full recipes.  If you cook like me recipes aren't really your bag anyway.  So enjoy people, and please feel free to comment or send me a message!

Sunday Dinner #1
Peppers stuffed with Spanish rice, corn and peppers on top of home made Cumin Black beans and home made salsa verde.  Served with a glass of Horchata.  so good.

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